Say “NO” to spread pricing, say “YES” to transparency!


Spread pricing is obsolete. Let us open your eyes with pass-through, transparent pricing.

Sample Medication Fee Schedule (FS)

Here are a few actual examples of the dramatic savings you can enjoy with Alius.

72%arrow circle
Medication AVG Fee Schedule (FS) AVG Competitor Price AVG Alius Price
Baclofen — Tab 20mg $496.47 $297.52 $59.71
Celecoxib — Cap 200mg $300.76 $179.92 $52.40
Duloxetine — Cap 60mg $311.76 $184.82 $53.08
Gabapentin — Tab 800mg $325.29 $190.25 $51.99
Lidocaine — Pad 5% $435.67 $262.46 $111.42
Meloxicam — Tab 15mg $145.20 $84.96 $18.53
Metaxalone — Tab 800mg $390.64 $226.96 $86.56
Oxycod/apap — Tab 10-325mg $310.60 $187.18 $52.24
Pregabalin — Cap 100mg $664.49 $406.17 $86.06
Zolpidem — Tab 10mg $136.49 $83.83 $12.94
Totals $3,517.38 $2,104.08 $584.92

Unlock Transparency

What does transparency mean?    What we pay for the medications is what our clients pay.  Period.  Take a look at the potential savings. No smoke and mirrors, just honesty.

Most fee schedules are either absolute, inflated or both. Therefore, we are saving you actual dollars against our competition and not just showing a big percentage discount against a pre-inflated price. It may look too good to be true but give us a chance to explain and you’ll believe.

Alius Health transparency

“After switching to Alius health our pharmacy spend dropped from 6 million annually to 3.5 million.  We couldn’t believe how big of an impact their transparency and clinical program had on our overall savings” – Large Government Entity

We fell in love with the transparent pricing but what really surprised us was how much their formulary and clinical services saved us.  Alius reduced the number of scripts by 35%.  We’ve saved over $1,000,000 since we switched from one of the big box PBM’s to Alius.   – Mutual Insurance Carrier

We’ve learned more about the PBM industry in less than one year with Alius than we did with our previous PBM partner.  They’ve eliminated all the conflicts of interest that have plagued our industry for years.    Giving our clients access to rebates, transparent pricing and how formularies are designed has been a game changer.  Our clients love the concept. – Broker/Consultant


Alius Health provides the most transparent way to reduce workers’ compensation medication spend.