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If you have the drive to offer exceptional customer service and enjoy working in a fast-paced, innovative environment, please check back to see our available positions.  Available positions will be posted on this page.

Available Positions

Alius Health IT Developer Job Description

The Alius Health IT developer is a full-time, continuously evolving position.  This individual must know how to code in C# and understand MySQL database. Having AWS experience is a plus. The responsibilities include learning and understanding the architecture of our systems and developing file layouts. In addition, testing, QA, system design improvements, and eventually growing into a leader for our IT department. This position reports to our Executive Vice President of Operations. The technical skills and awareness of latest trends in technology will aid in Alius Health staying at the forefront in the PBM industry.

We offer competitive pay, flexible scheduling and great benefits.

Job Functions:

  • Acts as the liaison between internal Alius users and outsourced IT team.
  • Analyze requirements and develop customized eligibility and e-bill file layouts.
  • Map project dependencies for sequence of development and timeline tracking.
  • Supports all technical aspects of client implementations.
  • Keep abreast of company changes.
  • Implement, update and execute IT functions as needed.
  • Identify system deficiencies and provide recommendations as needed.


  • Strong technical skills – C# and MySQL requirements. Must be able to analyze business needs against current technology. Have fundamental analytical and conceptual thinking skills.
  • Attention to detail – Have the ability to identify the smallest issues and recognize the trickle-down effect.
  • Project management – Must understand timelines and be able to juggle multiple projects that have similar requirements.
  • A leader wearing multiple hats – Have the personality and initiative to grow with the company. 

Work schedule:

40 hours a week. This individual can have a flexible working schedule as long as projects are managed and required meetings are attended.

Interested in this position?  Contact Happy Tang at [email protected] with email subject line "Alius Health IT Developer Position".